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Advanced Course - 2

Advanced Course - 2


From the authors Nina Vlasova and Lilia Blaskaya. This textbook is the final textbook of the series. The second Advanced Course is for upper-class youth who have studied the RCT textbooks.

"Advanced Course - 2" corresponds to the second level of the State Standard of the Russian Federation on teaching Russian as a foreign language, which ensures:

- possession of about 6,000 words of modern Russian, which corresponds to the eighth grade of Russian school;

- familiarity with classical and modern Russian literature (adapted version);

- Control the grammatical structure of the language, and the grammar of the Russian language in its entirety;

- Ability to conduct a conversation on any subject, except for professional and scientific topics;

- Ability to re-detail the main provisions of a text of any content;

- the ability to understand writing and compose text accordingly;

Students who successfully complete this course can successfully pass examinations on Russian as a foreign language upon admission to a higher education institution of the Russian Federation.

The textbook is in A4 format (14.5x21 cm), 199 pages with drawings, binding duplex cardboard, laminated.

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